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Q&A: What Is Transcription and What Does a Transcriptionist Do?

what Is transcription and what does a transcriptionist do

  1. What is a Transcriptionist?

  2. A transcriptionist is a documentation specialist, who listens to voice recordings and converts them into written reports. There’s a lot of information online on how to become a transcriptionist. However, you will have to train and practice before you can enjoy the benefits of a career as a transcriptionist. Continue reading

How Transcription Skills Can Help You Build a Home-Based Career

Transcription Skills

Starting a career in transcription seems like an attractive proposition to many. Some believe that the work is merely listening and typing what you hear. The truth is that transcription is much more challenging than what it sounds. You must possess certain transcription skills to build a successful career in transcription. If you want to discover what those are, read on. Continue reading

10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Transcriptionist From Home

FAQs becoming a transcriptionist

Working from home as a transcriptionist can be a fun and exciting career for those who have excellent attention to detail and a strong work ethic. The following questions will help you determine whether or not working from home is a good fit for you. Continue reading

Ways to Make Money Online With Touch Typing Skills

make money with touch typing skills

The world relies on words.

They are the foundation of culture, business, law, language, and love. They allow commerce to commence, creativity to cultivate and countries to communicate with one another.

Without words, the world would literally cease to exist in its current form.

Yes, everyone in the world relies on words, which is why there are so many ways for people to make money online with touch typing skills. Continue reading

4 Benefits You’re Missing Out On by Not Working in Transcription

career in transcription

You might have grown up thinking that you had one option for a career: go to college and get a 9-to-5 job.

What you probably didn’t know is this: nearly 53 million Americans are making money from non-traditional employment, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Continue reading

How to Improve Your Transcription Efficiency & Lower Your TAT

how to improve your transcription efficiency

Transcription is the process by which speech or audio files are converted into the written format. A good transcriptionist should have multitasking abilities, be research-oriented, and must have fast and accurate typing skills. As a transcriptionist, you can improve your transcription efficiency by learning to type faster, using the right equipment, and designing your workspace ergonomically. If you practice hard and are dedicated, you easily learn to transcribe faster in quick time.

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Key Tips to Successfully Work from Home and Thrive From It

tips to successfully work from home

Working from home is everyone’s dream. Being able to do what you love in the comfort of your own home is a luxury for many and a reality for the few who take the time to learn how to be successful at it. If you understand the dynamics of owning your own business, you can work from home and be just as successful as other professionals who work in a corporate office.

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How to Pass Transcription Tests Online and Get Hired

Transcription companies generally take a battery of online transcription tests that will thoroughly judge you on the important skills required to do transcription work. It includes your language, grammar, spelling, punctuation and listening skills, knowledge of the required computer software, and good keyboarding skills.

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10 Best Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online

10 Best Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online

College students are often looking for side hustle ideas to make money. The ideal job for most would involve working 2 or 3 hours a day and would allow them to make extra money for the little things they may need for their classes. Online transcription is just one of many ways college students can make extra money.

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3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made It In Transcription (Yet)

become an outstanding transcriptionist

Separating Average from Outstanding –¬†Three Reasons Why You Haven’t Made It In Transcription (Yet)

Whatever the reason may be, you might not be entirely satisfied with your current employment situation. It could be because of the work hours, lack of flexibility, office environment, or even just your own desire to spend more time at home. Continue reading

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