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10 Best Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online

10 Best Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online

College students are often looking for side hustle ideas to make money. The ideal job for most would involve working 2 or 3 hours a day and would allow them to make extra money for the little things they may need for their classes. Online transcription is just one of many ways college students can make extra money.

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3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made It In Transcription (Yet)

become an outstanding transcriptionist

Separating Average from Outstanding – Three Reasons Why You Haven’t Made It In Transcription (Yet)

Whatever the reason may be, you might not be entirely satisfied with your current employment situation. It could be because of the work hours, lack of flexibility, office environment, or even just your own desire to spend more time at home. Continue reading

Believing in Good Old Spring Cleaning & How to Do It Easily

good spring cleaning tips

Spring is almost upon us, a season that is synonymous with fresh starts. It’s time when you take a resolve to rid yourself of winter blues and revitalize your home, as you get ready for warmer weather.

For most Americans, spring cleaning is an annual ritual. So, if you are a part of that majority or want to make an attempt to tackle this process as a first-timer, here are some useful tips for you to get started: Continue reading

How To Get A Transcription Job – A Complete Guide [Part 2]

get a transcription job

In case you have missed out on our previous segment of the series to get started as a transcriptionist, please check it out first before going any further.

After you accomplish the first step of learning transcription, we know what you’re thinking… how to get a job in transcription. Now, it’s time to figure out how to get a transcription job and start making money from home. Let’s begin with the job requirements. Continue reading

How To Get Started As A Transcriptionist – A Complete Guide [Part 1]

get started as a transcriptionist

Becoming a transcriptionist is a very straightforward way for people to make money from home. However, getting started in transcription can be tough due to the high competition in the industry and the increasing demand of general transcriptionists day by day.

If you are a newbie in the transcription industry or are looking for answers on how to become a transcriptionist, then you’re in the right place. This is a complete guide for you to learn everything front to back about how to become a transcriptionist. Continue reading

Budgeting Tips for Stay At Home Moms Who Transcribe to Pay Their Bills

ways of budgeting

As a stay at home mom who does transcription work to be able to pay your bills and meet other financial obligations with a complete peace of mind, you might be thinking of creative and clever ways of budgeting your monthly income. The following personal saving & budgeting tips will help you achieve your goal of a better financial health. Continue reading

How to Stay Productive (and Sane!) as a WAHM With Young Kids Around

how to stay productive

With a great deal of excitement, I introduce to you, Amy, a successful, home-based freelance writer, who quit her full-time job and started her own business to look after her two kids. She writes for a blog “Work At Home Adventures”, teaching other moms about how to stay productive by starting their own businesses or find other work from home jobs. Over to you, Amy! Continue reading

11 Myths About Transcription Industry & The Facts

myths about transcription

The transcription industry offers a lot of exciting, lucrative career opportunities, chiefly because the jobs available within this segment are lucrative and offer a lot of flexibility. However, there are several myths about transcription work itself. Here are some of those myths, dispelled: Continue reading

How Homeschooling Moms Can Make Money Transcribing As A Side-Gig

homeschooling moms work from home

Homeschooling your children can be a very rewarding experience, but some families struggle to live on a one paycheck income. Women who want to homeschool their kids can make money transcribing, bringing in a substantial income as their business starts to grow. Transcriptionists can find work in a variety of fields, including medical, legal, judicial, and corporate. They can choose a specialty field or, if they prefer, can work in more fields depending on their interests. Though this was written with stay-at-home moms in mind, all of this applies to any stay-at-home parent. Continue reading

How Work-At-Home Moms Can Reduce ‘Mom Guilt’

how to reduce mom guilt

As a work-at-home mom, you’ve probably experienced ‘mom guilt’ at some point. While the fact remains that you need to support your family and provide for their needs, there are times, however, when work can seem to get in the way of being a parent. The guilt you feel in those moments can shake your resolve and make you rethink your career path. What’s heartening, however, is that you can maintain a fine balance between your professional and family commitments by following certain tips, when things get difficult. Continue reading

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