How to Land Your First Client for Freelance Transcription

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Getting your first freelance business transcription client can be a challenge. You just need to act and keep going because clients won’t just magically appear. Like in any other service, a lot of people may not want to buy what you offer but there will always be some who do. Therefore, you will need to invest on those few good people. The key is to make yourself look as if you have been in the business for years. Offer discounts and always try to meet or exceed your client’s expectations.

Before you begin, here’s a complete guide for you to learn everything front to back about how to become a transcriptionist.

How To Get Transcription Clients Easily

  1. Use Free Advertising

  2. Businesses have several ways to advertise and many of them are free! Social media is a key example and can provide you multiple leads with minimal effort. Create a business profile and place it on as many social media sites as you can. A few of the most prominent ones include:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • FourSquare
    • Instagram

    Encourage the people who like or follow you to share your posts on a regular basis. Put yourself out there. Include pictures on your profile and maybe even a video of you introducing yourself. Use anything that identifies you with your job. A business person is more likely to go to someone they have met or have seen before. Make yourself as visible as possible.

  3. Offer Discounts

  4. There are many different discounts you can offer to first-time clients. They include:

    • First-time client bonus
    • Referral credits
    • Discounts on regularly scheduled orders
    • In-house discounts for other clients within the same office

    While you will want to control the amount of discounts you offer, they can be a useful tool to get people to try a new service. If all works out, the discounted orders will eventually become repeat business.

  5. Give Referral Bonuses

  6. One of the easiest ways to drum up freelance transcription jobs is to offer referral discounts. For every client a person refers, they either get a discount or a set amount off of their next order or orders.

    The key is to get people to bring you business. Once you have a few clients, the word will begin to spread, but landing those first few can take a little creativity. Visit local offices and hand out your business cards. Giving prospective clients the chance to meet and interact with you will show them you are truly committed to serving your clients.

  7. Finding Clients On Freelancing Platforms

  8. Leading freelancing platforms like Hubstaff Talent and Upwork are potentially great sources to find your first client online.

    • Hubstaff Talent allows you to search for top agencies and clients and be able to contact them directly. You can find and engage a team positioned remotely for your business free of charges or markups. You can search for thousands of contractors on the basis of their skill, category, or location and then contact team members directly whom you think are going to be the right fit. You can append your agency to Hubstaff Talent for getting more leads.
    • Upwork offers you a wonderful opportunity to work with a client perfect for your needs. All that you need to do it to sign up and register and begin your search for a client right away. You can use the Upwork platform for chatting, sharing files, and collaborating, either from your desktop or while you are on the go.

Note: The article was originally published on November 28, 2016 and has been updated with additional resources to find clients on freelancing platforms.

How to Land Your First Client for Freelance Transcription | TCI Blog
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    Excellent post. This article is very much helpful for the beginners in transcription field. I liked this awesome ways to take off the first flight to the sky of freelance transcription. As the first impression is the best impression, we have to be more careful in the first step. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

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