10 Transcription Companies That Pay $12 & More Per Hour

best transcription companies to work for

Do you know that transcription is one of the most searched for and popular work at home jobs due to its flexibility? Because it gives you the freedom to work at your own speed, direct from your home and at any time of the day or night. Continue reading

We Are Rolling Out New Lessons and Features at Transcription Certification Institute

General Transcription Course

We all know that a career in transcription is highly competitive and you need to keep polishing your skills to stand out from other transcriptionists. Considering this, the Transcription Certification Institute is soon going to upgrade their course to train you better in essential transcription skills. Continue reading

How to Plan a Great Holiday Season Without Affecting Work

How to Plan Holiday

A lot of people tend to lose focus during the holiday season, as they are burdened with an ever-growing to-do list with less time available to them. This time of the year entails planning for travel, preparing for guests, shopping for gifts, attending children’s events and parties, plus a lot more that leads to stress. This has a direct bearing on their work performance resulting in reduced productivity. Continue reading

8 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home During Retirement

ways to make money in retirement

Retired but still want to make some money? Thanks to the internet, it is easier to get part-time jobs after retirement that will get you some extra dollars. Best of all, these jobs are easy to do, can complement your passions and daily routines and can be done from home. Let’s find out ways to make money in retirement. Continue reading

How to Land Your First Client for Freelance Transcription

finding transcription clients

Getting your first freelance business transcription client can be a challenge. You need to take action and not give up because clients won’t just magically appear. Like in any other service, a lot of people may not want to buy what you offer, but there will always be some who do. Therefore, you will need to invest in those few good people. The key is to make yourself look as if you have been in the business for years. Offer discounts and always try to meet or exceed your client’s expectations.

Continue reading

How to Make Money Transcribing as a Pro

how to make money transcribing

One of the fastest growing employment opportunities is in the field of transcription. Transcriptionists can make money transcribing online everything from legal depositions to YouTube videos. Companies in the legal, medical, media and entertainment industries hire transcriptionists on a regular basis to transfer their digital copy into written documents. The goal is having their material in a variety of formats so that it can be used in many different ways. Continue reading

30+ Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Halloween Costumes Ideas

It’s Fall and like many of you, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with our little ones. Here are some easy, and yes, cute Halloween costumes ideas for kids and toddlers.
Continue reading

6 Multitasking Tips for Work at Home Moms During Holidays

multitasking tips for moms

The holidays bring a sense of joy and opportunity to reconnect with your dear ones; however, they can bring you stress from additional tasks such as buying gifts and financial worries. Life can become really hectic at this time of year, making you feel hard-pressed for time in getting things done. Continue reading

The Future of Medical, Legal & General Transcription: Jobs Outlook

future of general transcription industry

Most people are familiar with transcription but have no idea how big a role it actually plays in their day-to-day lives.

Transcription services play a role in the success of nearly every industry and government agency–from automotive to aerospace to retail to scientific research. Professional transcriptionists allow companies, corporations, nonprofits, and government organizations to maintain accurate records, improve training, comply with regulations, develop new products and boost sales. Continue reading

How to Find Legitimate Transcription Jobs From Home by Avoiding Scams

legitimate transcription jobs

It is not always easy to know whether a particular transcription opportunity is a scam. If you are not sure whether an opportunity is legitimate, you can check whether any of the typical scam tactics below apply to it to protect yourself. Continue reading

8 Flexible, High-Paying, Home-Based Business Ideas for Women

Home-Based Business Ideas for Women

If you are caught in a dilemma as to where you can find a job tailored specifically to your requirements, relax! Here are some flexible job options that allow you to work whenever you want. Continue reading

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