25 Christmas Coupon Ideas for WAHMs to Spread Happiness

gift coupon ideas

Stay at home moms or WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) enjoy the opportunity to be financially independent, even as they are able to manage looking after their kids and family alongside work. Christmastime is the when many would like to indulge in celebrations and buying gifts for their family, friends and community members. This blog explores the myriad Christmas gift coupon ideas which they can create to bring a happy smile on the faces of those who matter the most to them in their lives! Continue reading

Verbatim Vs Non-Verbatim Transcription: Differences, Requirements, & Jobs

Verbatim Vs Non-Verbatim Transcription

When you think of hiring a transcription service as per your job requirement, you need to consider the exact type of transcription that you will be requiring. While people might understand the idea behind getting an unabridged account of what was spoken in a meeting, a lecture, or a seminar in simple terms, they might be clueless as to what a transcript looks like actually. Continue reading

Start Earning From Home As a Pro Transcriber In Just 3 Weeks

start earning from home

Have you always dreamed about a work-from-home job that pays good and allows much room for flexibility at work? Yes, you have such an attractive proposition before you, i.e., a transcription career. Continue reading

10 Tips & 5 Tools to Improve Self-Discipline and Workplace Productivity

Improve Self-Discipline

Self-discipline enthusiasm in a transcriber makes him/her a pro. Self-discipline is basically the ability to control your unnecessary habits and stay focused in order to get what needs to be done to achieve a goal successfully. Let’s start with some self-discipline tips. Continue reading

How to Land Your First Client for Freelance Transcription

freelance transcription

Getting your first freelance business transcription client can be a challenge. You just need to act and keep going because clients won’t just magically appear. Like in any other service, a lot of people may not want to buy what you offer but there will always be some who do. Therefore, you will need to invest on those few good people. The key is to make yourself look as if you have been in the business for years. Offer discounts and always try to meet or exceed your client’s expectations. Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Successful Work-From-Home Transcriptionist

wor-from-home transcriptionist

A growing number of people are discovering the joys of working from home. According to a study, an estimated 3 million American professionals are employed full-time or part-time online. Industries that are most likely to offer remote work include medical and health, government, finance, customer service, and computer and information technology. Medical transcriptionists, in particular, are in very high demand, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 data, the median hourly rate for transcriptionists is $17.17—which is considerably higher than the minimum hourly wage in the country today. Continue reading

How to Make Money Online While On Vacation With Your Kids

make money online while on vacation

Guilt is a common feeling among parents who work at an office. However, you do not have to feel this guilt because you can find ways to work at home and be able to spend time with your children!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that spending the vacations with your kids and working will be nonstop fun. While you can spend lazy days by the pool with the kids, and sip cold drinks, you will need to be professional in how you conduct business. Continue reading

Necessary Transcription Equipment for Transcribers

transcribers equipment

Many people dream of a transcription career while working from home, but few are aware of how much equipment or software to buy. You may be overwhelmed at the advice you receive regarding what you need and what you don’t. If you are confused as to how much transcribers equipment you need to buy, read on. Continue reading

Staying Productive While Transcribing at Home

staying productive

Being a work from home transcriptionist and staying productive at the same time means freedom; freedom to set your own hours and work where and when you want, all while earning a handsome income. This freedom is why it’s such an attractive career for parents, those with caring responsibilities, or simply people who feel suffocated by a traditional office job. With plenty of ways to find transcription jobs online, this kind of work is becoming more accessible than ever before. But transcribing at home has its challenges. Sometimes, it can be hard to motivate yourself and stay focused in your home environment, so here is a list of things that can help. Continue reading

How to Raise Your Performance Bar Much, Much Higher

raise your performance bar

Ever since our childhood, we have been advised to give our best shot at everything we do, but the question arises whether we are actually doing enough about it. As adults, being caught up in the groove of our work and family life our mental prowess to perform at the raised bar we set for ourselves, as neuroscience tells us.

However, thanks to the new research that sheds light on the plasticity of our brains, you can actually raise your performance bar higher than ever and attain our target by stretching our physical and mental capabilities. Continue reading

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