Necessary Transcription Equipment for Transcribers

transcribers equipment

Many people dream of a transcription career while working from home, but few are aware of how much equipment or software to buy. You may be overwhelmed at the advice you receive regarding what you need and what you don’t. If you are confused as to how much transcribers equipment you need to buy, read on. Continue reading

Staying Productive While Transcribing at Home | Guest Post

staying productive

Being a work from home transcriptionist and staying productive at the same time means freedom; freedom to set your own hours and work where and when you want, all while earning a handsome income. This freedom is why it’s such an attractive career for parents, those with caring responsibilities, or simply people who feel suffocated by a traditional office job. With plenty of ways to find transcription jobs online, this kind of work is becoming more accessible than ever before. But transcribing at home has its challenges. Sometimes, it can be hard to motivate yourself and stay focused in your home environment, so here is a list of things that can help. Continue reading

How to Raise Your Performance Bar Much, Much Higher

raise your performance bar

Ever since our childhood, we have been advised to give our best shot at everything we do, but the question arises whether we are actually doing enough about it. As adults, being caught up in the groove of our work and family life our mental prowess to perform at the raised bar we set for ourselves, as neuroscience tells us.

However, thanks to the new research that sheds light on the plasticity of our brains, you can actually raise your performance bar higher than ever and attain our target by stretching our physical and mental capabilities. Continue reading

Everything About Transcription Guidelines for Transcribers

Everything About Transcription Guidelines for Transcribers

When getting started as a transcriber, you may be confused about the rules to follow, how to format your transcripts and when to use colloquial expressions. Read on for an introduction to basic transcription guidelines.

Note: Different transcription companies may have specific additional rules to be followed. You should confirm and conform to the rules of the company where you are applying for transcription work. Continue reading

A 12 Point Checklist For Proofreaders Who Write Content Too

proofreading checklist

Your proofreading checklist should include the most important parameters that define high-quality writing. Here’s an essential checklist for proofreaders for creating an advertising copy or an informative web page. Continue reading

Finding Online Transcription Jobs: The Options for You

find online transcription jobs

Many people enjoy the benefits of working from home when they are able to find transcription jobs. Online transcription jobs are becoming more and more available as the digital world begins to prove itself as a viable resource for finding top quality workers. A transcriptionist job is becoming highly desired due to its flexibility and excellent pay. To get hired for an online transcriber position, however, the following requirements must be taken into consideration. Continue reading

How to Deal With Job Rejection: Its Part of The Game as a Greenhorn

how to handle job rejection

You have applied for your third transcription job. You took your time to transcribe the test audio given and submitted it on time. You were careful to follow the test instructions to the letter.

Two days later, you get the email. Your transcription job application has been denied. The most information the transcription company has provided is, “wishing you good luck in your future endeavors”.

Continue reading to learn how to deal with rejection from a job like transcription. Continue reading

Find Online Transcription Jobs or Hire a Transcriber That Fits Your Need

online transcriber job

Land your dream work from home transcribing jobs or hire a transcriber that fits your need through TCI Job Board.

Are you embarking on a transcriber job hunt, either part-time or a full-time that allows you to work right from the comforts of your home? To find transcribing jobs online from home, look no further than the TCI job board. Once you visit the link, you can simply upload your resume here and get discovered by global transcription companies that are on the lookout for transcribers and translators in every corner of the world. Continue reading

How Professional Transcriptionists Make Money Transcribing

make money transcribing

One of the fastest growing employment opportunities is in the field of transcription. Transcriptionists can make money transcribing online everything from legal depositions to YouTube videos. Companies in the legal, medical, media and entertainment industries hire transcriptionists on a regular basis to transfer their digital copy into written documents. The goal is having their material in a variety of formats so that it can be used in many different ways. Continue reading

5 WAHM’s Secrets to Keep Your House Clean and Organized with Toddlers

keep you house clean and organized

If you are a stay at home mom, you are more than likely always on the lookout for the best way to keep your house clean with toddlers underfoot. The task is not impossible, but you will have to be somewhat creative. One of the main things is to not let the overflow of your toddlers’ lives start to leak into your office. The following tips can help you keep your house clean and your business operating smoothly, even if you have small children running through the house. Continue reading

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