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Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide on TCI Job Board

Are you wondering for online transcription jobs? Yes. Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of transcription companies hiring worldwide for transcribers and translators on the TCI Job Board. The list is regularly being updated. So, stay tuned!

At the same time, it is highly recommended that those looking for a home-based transcription career undergo an online transcription certification and training course like the one TCI offers. It will help them gain a competitive edge over others and develop the necessary transcription skills before they kick-start their transcription career.
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How to Start Part Time Transcription Jobs As a Side Gig

part time transcription jobs

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when everyone was expected to go to college, find a job and work until retirement rolled around.

Not anymore.

These days the labor market is in the midst of a “gig economy” renaissance. People are more interested in finding jobs that allow them to live free, work when they want and earn money whenever they need to.

In other words, people are into gigs–even people who have full-time jobs, who often look to land side gigs in order to earn money that allows them to travel, eat out and experience all that life has to offer. Continue reading

How to Keep Toddlers Busy at Home That’s Safe, Fun & Sure to Tire

keep toddlers busy at home

The perks of working from home cannot be matched. There is something magical about watching over your toddlers and still getting work done. However, if you thought that working from home with toddlers is easier than driving to the office, you are mistaken. Your children are definitely the apple of your eye. However, sometimes they can be a handful. This is especially true when you want to complete that urgent client transcription work with a looming deadline. Continue reading

Fulfill Your Desire to Learn New Things with Transcription Jobs

learn new things with transcription

When can a DUI charge be squashed in Texas?

You probably don’t know the answer to that question, unless you’ve had a running with the law in the past.

What about the impact of the Internet of Things in the consumer market?

Silence, I guess.

It’s a big world out there with many things to learn. However, you definitely do not have time to learn everything. When you are juggling work with raising kids at home, the best you can find yourself doing is watching cable TV after a long day.

Most WAHMs rarely find time to learn new things during motherhood. There are lots of things to learn about motherhood that finding time for other things is a long short.

However, if you want to live your life to the fullest, it’s best to expand your knowledge. The best thing is you do not have to go back to class to learn. All you need to do is start a transcription career. Continue reading

How to Simplify Working from Home with Toddlers

working from home with toddlers

Thanks to the internet and the reality of remote working, many moms are working from home with toddlers. Gone are the days when new moms had to quit their jobs to take care of their kids. With companies outsourcing various tasks to virtual workers, new moms have multiple opportunities to earn a living while taking care of their children.

However, for a mom like yourself, working from home while taking care of your toddlers is challenging. Your primary task should be to take care of the toddler. But with some tips up your sleeve, you can successfully work and take care of the children. Continue reading

How to Pass Transcription Tests Online and Get Hired

Transcription companies generally take a battery of online transcription tests that will thoroughly judge you on the important skills required to do transcription work. It includes your language, grammar, spelling, punctuation and listening skills, knowledge of the required computer software, and good keyboarding skills.

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How to Be Your Own Boss with a Transcription Career

If you envision being your own boss, consider pursuing work from home transcription jobs. Instead of being forced to wake up at a certain time and face morning traffic, you can stay at home and be part of the solution to morning traffic jams for yourself and society. Here are deeper reasons why a transcription career can bring you happiness and freedom. Continue reading

Support Go Green Initiative with Transcription Work

go green with transcription

“Go green.”

It’s a mantra that has become common in every industry–from the government to automotive to industry.

There has never been more focus on protecting the environment, making wise use of natural resources and limiting the use of products from plastic bags to printed pieces of paper.

And now another way of protecting the planet has emerged: transcription services.

Yes, if you are among the millions of Americans committed to doing what’s right for the environment, you can go green with transcription. Continue reading

How Technological Advancements Affect Transcription Job Opportunities

transcription job opportunities

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of change.

Thanks to technological advances, today’s transcription job opportunities don’t look like yesterdays, and they certainly won’t look like tomorrows.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Continue reading

The Future of Transcription In The Digital Age

future of transcription career

Most people are familiar with transcription but have no idea how big a role it actually plays in their day-to-day lives.

Transcription services play a role in the success of nearly every industry and government agency–from automotive to aerospace to retail to scientific research. Professional transcriptionists allow companies, corporations, nonprofits and government organizations to maintain accurate records, improve training, comply with regulations, develop new products and boost sales. Continue reading

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