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5 Characteristics That Define a Professional Transcriptionist

Professional Transcriptionist

Professional transcriptionists are defined by both the company they keep and the standards they apply to their work. Their organization skills and their ability to impress without being overbearing also play a role in how well they are perceived by both their peers and their prospective employers. They should have the ability to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their business. This shows a willingness to stay ahead of the game by being prepared for anything that comes their way. They also need to know how to market themselves effectively, highlighting their strong points and maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Continue reading

10 Things You Must Know Before Becoming a Full Time Transcriptionist

FAQs becoming a transcriptionist

Working from home as a transcriptionist can be a fun and exciting career for those who have excellent attention to detail and a strong work ethic. The following questions will help you determine whether or not working from home is a good fit for you. Continue reading

Sound Strategies to Sell Yourself as a Transcriptionist

market yourself as a transcriptionist

To become a successful, independent transcriptionist, you must know how to get your name out to the masses and market yourself in such a way that you draw the right type and volume of traffic to be able to support yourself. When you have the skills and the work ethic, you need to back them up with solid marketing strategies that bring you the best clients and the highest rate of pay. Continue reading

How College Students Can Earn Good Money With Transcription

transcriptionjobs for students

Transcription is the ideal online job for students as it requires little or no prior experience. The work involves listening to audios and typing out what is playing on the audio in the form of a transcript. General transcription is emerging as one of the most popular choices on the job market. A transcription job offers good pay if the work meets the quality benchmarks. While a majority of the transcription companies require experience, there are some that hire even without it. Continue reading

Tips to Develop Touch Typing Skills

touch typing skills

One skill a general transcriptionist needs to possess is the ability to touch type. Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard. Many people are so adept at typing without glancing at their keyboard, that when they do, it might actually slow them down. Touch typing allows a transcriptionist to type several words a minute without errors, if they are proficient and have mastered the skill. The following tips will help you develop the touch typing skills you need to be an efficient and accurate typist. Continue reading

7 Things You Can Do to Embrace Personal Development

wahm personal development tips

The work from home option sounds an attractive proposition for many moms due to its sheer flexibility. However, they are generally unsure whether they would be able to stay disciplined and productive while working from home due to many distractions, like family, neighbors and even the laundry, with other household responsibilities on top of it. Therefore, this form of work calls for embracing some personal development tips on their part. Continue reading

Plan for 2017 by Focusing on Your Skill Development

skill development

According to estimates made not so long ago, a significant percentage of people under 25 are either unemployed or underemployed, portraying a rather dismal scenario of those who are the newest members of the workforce. While it’s easy to assume that there aren’t enough jobs for the job seekers which turns out to be a true assumption as well, equally true is the fact that we also have a skills gap. The frustration of the employers is quite evident, as there are jobs waiting to be filled, but the current job seekers just don’t have the right skills. Continue reading

Top 6 Helpful Multitasking Tips for Your Holiday Madness

Top 6 Helpful Multitasking Tips for Your Holiday Madness

The holidays bring a sense of joy and opportunity to reconnect with your dear ones; however, they can bring you stress from additional tasks such as buying gifts and financial worries. Life can become really hectic at this time of year, making you feel hard-pressed for time in getting things done. Continue reading

How to Plan a Great Holiday Season Without Affecting Work

plan a great holiday season

A lot of people tend to lose focus during the holiday season, as they are burdened with an ever-growing to-do list with less time available to them. This time of the year entails planning for travel, preparing for guests, shopping for gifts, attending children’s events and parties, plus a lot more that leads to stress. This has a direct bearing on their work performance resulting in reduced productivity. Continue reading

The Increasing Demand for General Transcriptionists

become a general transcriptionist

General transcriptionists are in demand now, more than ever before. The digital age has made it possible to record almost every meeting, phone call, conference and court session. Transcriptionists take those recording and convert them to printable documents. The content can be stored to a computer and printed whenever it is needed, making it easily accessible at all times. The increasing demand for transcriptionists is across the board. General transcription is becoming an extremely profitable business, much of which can be performed at home. Continue reading

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